Harness the sun’s power to charge your favorite gadget on the go with the KODAK Solar Charger KS100-C+2. The charger powers any USB-chargeable device, like your MP3 player or cell phone, to provide up to 33 hours of additional run time. The rechargeable AA batteries inside are powered up by the sun’s rays and even indoor lighting so you don’t need to be plugged in to be turned on. No need to wait- the solar charger keeps your device running and recharges it at the same time. Stay powered up, wherever, whenever.

  • Charge any USB device on the go and get up to 33 hours of additional run time[1]
  • Easy to use—connect your USB gadget with its USB cable to the solar charger’s standard USB port
  • 3 convenient ways to charge the charger—sunlight, lamp light, or USB-in (USB to USB cord included)
  • Removable rechargeable batteries in the power pack provide a great power alternative for any AA battery device (2 AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (2100mAh) included)
  • Solar and device charging indicator light
  • Fold-out stand for optimal solar positioning, or use the hang hook to wear the charger while walking or bicycling
  • Optional KODAK USB AC Adapter offers another convenient way to recharge the Solar Charger at home using AC power