Focus on Food Processing

One of the most essential elements of safety at work in the food processing industry is slip-resistant footwear. The development and production of Dunlop wellington boots for the food industry is carefully tailored to the highest standards and meets the demanding requirements of hygiene and safety. The form, material and profile of each one of our boots has been individually constructed to ensure practicality and function within a food factory environment.
Our boots are maintenance-friendly and easy to clean, dirt-repellent and most are resistant to animal and vegetable oils, greases, blood and various cleaning agents.
Comfort is also important for worker productivity. All Dunlop work boots have an excellent fit to ensure your workers and colleagues are comfortable and confident in their footwear. Our Purofort boots are exceptionally light and flexible. They prevent fatigue on the feet and joints and are the essential choice for best working practice. Specific boots within our food factory range include feature benefits of thermal insulation down to -50ºC, ideal for cold storage use; and a dual tread sole for multi-purpose environments where anti-slip footwear is essential. Dunlop offers you a full choice of waterproof wellingtons for a multitude of food processing services and applications.
Certification standards are listed alongside the individual boot descriptions on the Boot Selector pages. Individual resistance lists are also published here. A full explanation of certifications can be found on the Symbols and Certifications page. For more information on individual boot compounds and a comprehensive resistance list, please contact us through the Contact section.