Focus on Industry

Whether work is in a petrochemical plant, where dangerous materials are used, or in a power station, where high voltages are present, it is fundamental to wear the correct clothing to protect yourself. Any industrial environment presents a risk of injury or accident which is why the correct work boots are essential.  
Dunlop has developed an extensive range of high quality wellington boots for industrial and construction applications. Our product range fulfils all necessary safety requirements for the job in hand, from steel toecaps to specialised footwear for specific user environments. Most models are available in a full safety option, offering you peace of mind with a steel toecap and steel midsole. This prevents bruising and crushing of the foot, or penetration from sharp objects. Comfort also plays a significant part in the choice of footwear for those who wear boots all day long. Dunlop Purofort work boots are characterised by a perfect fit, flexibility and durability.
Certification standards are listed alongside the individual boot descriptions on the Boot Selector pages. Individual resistance lists are also published here. A full explanation of certifications can be found on the Symbols and Certifications page. For more information on individual boot compounds and a comprehensive resistance list, please contact us through the Contact section.