Close in on your target with confidence
These waterproof, fog-free Nikon binoculars are just the ticket for outdoor use. Bright, beautifully defined images are delivered by superior quality, multilayer-coated lenses. O-ring seals and nitrogen gas provide added resistance to the effects of changes in climate, while the durable design and rubber armouring ensure reliable performance and a comfortable grip, even during prolonged use. Worry-free viewing of the great outdoors.

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Extraordinary Low Light and Optical Performance Monarch X 8.5X45  
Ideal Combination of Power and Performance Monarch X 10.5X45  
Perfect for Scouting and Glassing Monarch 8x36 Dream Season ATB  
Mid-Size Versatility… in Mossy Oak Camouflage Monarch 10x36 Dream Season ATB  
Incredible Optics in a Lightweight Design Monarch 8x36 ATB  
Smaller Monarch Still Packs a Punch Monarch 10x36 ATB  
Legendary Binoculars… Legendary Performance Monarch ATB 8x42  
Professional Versatility, Durability and Optics Monarch ATB 10x42  
The Best is Getting Even Better Monarch 12x42 ATB  
Sure to be hit with serious hunters everywhere Monarch ATB 8x42 Team REALTREE®
Sure to be hit with serious hunters everywhere Monarch ATB 10x42 Team REALTREE®
sure to be hit with serious hunters every where Monarch ATB 12x42 Team REALTREE®
Outstanding Low Light Performance and Features Monarch 8.5x56 ATB  
Advanced Optics with a Record of Success Monarch 10x56 ATB  
Incredible Optics… in Mossy Oak Camouflage Monarch 12x56 ATB  
King of the Monarch Clan Monarch 10x56 Dream Season ATB  
  10x50CF WP  
  SPORTER EX 8x42  
  SPORTER EX 10x50